dinsdag 25 september 2012

Pricerate example #1

I found these prices and rates on the Board Game Geek forum in this topic.
To be honest, some of these prices I find a bit cheap, while some are pretty accurate. You should decide yourself what kind of price you ask, it all depends on the sort of product you create it for.

This may help too. They're my indicative rates and I got them from a very nice freelancer who shared them with me. I just adjusted them a bit. Some are near the market standard, others are lower. None of these are for big companies, publishers , nation (let alone world) wide marketing campaigns, movie posters and that kind of work, so tailored to independents and self starters. 

There is no fixed rate and each artist decides for him / herself what their art is worth, market standard, deadline, how much other work they have, how enjoyable it is, or if it gets their name out there, etc. etc. The Artists' Guild Guidebook : Pricing and Ethical Guidelines is a very good read. 

Standard rates (illustration and concepts)

page rates
$60 / € 42: quarter page, black and white
$90 / € 63: quarter page, black and white
$140 / € 98: half page, black and white
$200 / € 140: full page, black and white

$150 / € 105: quarter page, colour
$200 / € 140: half page, colour
$500 / € 350: full page / single page cover, colour
$750 / € 550: 2 sided cover + spine, full colour
$1000 / € 765: poster, colour

$ 150 - 240: creatures, vehicles
$ 175 - 500: characters, environments

card art:
$ 60 – 80 / € 42 - 56: simple, props etc.
$ 80 – 120 / € 56 - 84: single character, creature, simple environment (landscape)
$ 120 – 150 / € 84 - 105: small scene, complex environment (architecture, city)

I tend to work with these milestones for each piece:

1) preproduction: sketches, thumbnails
2) production: drawing / painting

The license is for a nationwide, exclusive, royalty free commercial usage in all print or digital media for a standard period of 5 years. I retain the right to use all created imagery for my portfolio, acquisition and non-commercial purposes like self-promotion on websites and such from the moment the project is released or 1 year after our agreement, whichever comes first.

Other license type affect the price, like Paul mentioned. Worldwide license will be more. Non-exclusive or limited exclusivity will make the price lower. Royalty-based makes the initial sum lower as well, but could potentially make the total way more. Then there's work-for-hire (which I almost never do). Or, all copyrights transferred. Those 'buyout' prices start at an additional 50% of the initial price but could go way higher. 

Included in the price are a maximum of 3 requests for change per milestone. More requests for change are out of scope and will have to be handled separately, usually by the hour. My standard rate is $ 25 an hour for change work.

Some people want a fixed price for changes. I don't give unlimited changes unless you have an unlimited budget and pay me by the hour. 

Time is also a big factor. There's are for stress free project time lines. If the deadline is tomorrow and I can't sleep tonight in order to get it done, the price jumps up. Could be 200 to 500%, depending on the initial amount. 

As you can see, some items don't even have a standard rate, but more of a rate range. They are so different in nature that only by getting a description I can make out which end of the range we need to set in. 

Then there's style choice. I don't have my own signature style for instance. Obviously, fully painted costs more than flat or cell shaded. And complexity of the image is a factor as well 50 or 1000 bushes / trees don't make much of a difference, but 1 person or 50 people does, especially if they all have to be highly defined and even more so if they have to look like specific people. 

Hope this helped. But again, each artist has their own prices and these are just starting rates. There's so much to factor in. Like, if we started talking and I hear an 'extreme' scenario even a simple, quarter page black and white image might cost 7000. 7000 might sound very expensive, but 7000 for something in a worldwide coca cola commercial with an expected running time of a year is ridiculously low.