zondag 17 maart 2013

Useful books for illustrators on the freelance business

Here's a list of books about the freelance illustration business that I think are useful and why!

Breaking into Freelance Illustration - Holly DeWolf

Highly recommended for any starter out there. It has lots of tips and ideas and gives you insight on how to start as a freelance illustrator.

Buy from: Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk

Illustrating Childrens Books - Martin Salisbury

This is a good guide if you want to start out as a, or know more about being an childrens book illustrator. It's also heavily image-based, so easy to read I would say!

Buy from: Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk

15 steps to Freelance Illustration - Thomas James (From EFII)

A clear description of everything essential that you will need to do to start out as a freelance illustrator. It will make you think about your approach.

Available via 15stepsbook.com.

9 Steps to Being Your Most Powerful Creative Self - Alex Mathers (Red Lemon Club)

This is a more contemplative but really hands-on book that let's you think about how to be the best creative person you can be. It'll give you motivation and insight, and who knows you'll make a fresh start!

Available via Red Lemon Club

Steal like an artist - Austin Kleon

This is a cool, easy-to-read and fun book that will enlighten you with tips and show you a different approach to being creative. It was also a New York Times Bestseller!

Buy from: Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk

Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines

A book with mainly one purpose: to advice you about 'standard' prices and guidelines that are used in the industry. If you have no clue about this, this could be a useful book.

Buy from: Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk

Children's Writers and Illustrator's Market

A resourceful book full of information about publishers, what they publish and how to contact them. Essential if you start out in the children's books business. And it has a new edition every year!

Buy from: Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk

Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market

This is the artist's and graphic designer's version of the previous book. It's full of information about your future clients and how to reach them!

Buy from: Amazon.com - Amazon.co.uk

Which books did you read and thought were useful? Any recommendations?